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The Use of the term "Equafax" is for the benefit of searchers who use that specific term.

Equafax: The Equifax Credit Report

Equifax (often misspelled as Equafax), along with Experian and Transunion (formerly TRW) are the three pre-eminent credit reporting companies in the United states. Below are several credit reporting and credit monitoring services the company offers. They range from basic bureau reports from the company, thru a customized 3 in 1 report (with information form all three bureaus), to enhanced, comprehensive, educational packages for those who require these.

We have a primer on Understanding Credit Scores to counter the confusion some consumers experience regarding the importance of various scoring metrics use dby credit bureaus.

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Featured Offers:

  1. Equifax Credit Report
    This is Equifax's basic package. It is a standard report from this company alone.
  2. Equifax 3-in-1 Credit Report
    3 in 1 credit reports are quite popular at the present time. We have more in depth information for those who need to check their credit reports here.
  3. The Equifax Score Watch
    This package includes a credit monitoring service from Equifax. The service monitors your FICO® credit score and informs you whenever the metrics of your score change in a way that could affect the interest rates you receive. We have specfic information on the FICO® Credit Score here.

    This package provides educational material for a fuller understanding of what your Score consists of and what the numbers mean. Daily credit report monitoring is also provided.

  4. Equifax Credit Watch Gold 3-in-1
    Several benefits to this package including
    • Comprehensive credit file monitoring along with automated alerts whenever important changes occur to your Equifax, TransUnion and Experian reports
    • Access to the Automatic Fraud Alerts feature, which allows you to place a fraud alert on your credit file to notify lenders to take steps to verify your identity before issuing credit in your name
    • Includes a free 3-in-1 Report with Score Power® and unlimited Equifax Credit Report™
    • An Interactive Score Simulator which educates you on how various actions can change your credit score.
    • Identity theft insurance

  5. Equifax Score Power
    An advanced version of the Score Watch.


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