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This is our series of articles for visitors who are new to credit management. This is where you learn fundamental terms, ideas, terminology and methods to get a good picture of the world of personal finance at a basic level relating to your credit profile.

Our Credit in Depth articles page takes things further and gives you information at a more specific and focused level. If you are new to handling and negotiating matters of credit, start here with the introductory articles below.

> The FICO Credit Score
A look at the emergence and centrality of the most widely used credit scoring system.

> Check Your Credit Report
A walkthrough explaining when and why this is necessary and the simplest & best ways to get this done.

> Credit Reports: A Primer
Start here for some perspective on what a credit report is and how to manage yours.

> Who Are the Credit Reporting Agencies?
Some background on these companies and a rundown of the best ways to contact them with problems and concerns.

> The Federal Trade Commission
The FTC is the consumer's best friend within the Federal Government in financial matters for many reasons. Learn more here!

> The National Foundation for Consumer Credit
The NFCC is the leading financial consumer advocacy group in the US. An invaluable organization. Learn why!

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