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What is The National Foundation for Credit Counseling

National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) is a national non-profit network of 1,450 Financial Wellness CentersTM created with the help of financial institutions to help consumers with personal finance problems. This is to the advantage of all parties since it is in the interests of creditors to have their debtors resolve their credit problems in sensible ways which lead to repayment of debts to the respective creditors.

The NFCC provides a wide range of counseling and education services through national centers as well as several local accredited institutions. Through its Financial Wellness NetworkTM, the NFCC has been offering low-cost assistance to people in difficult credit-related situations since 1951. These Independently Accredited Financial Wellness CentersTM undergo a strict independent accreditation process through the Council on Accreditation of Services For Families and Childern, Inc. (COA). Financial Wellness CounselorsTM are certified consumer credit counselors. Services are provided free or at minimal cost to consumers.

The range of services provided by the NFCC includes money management education, confidential budget, credit and debt counseling and repayment plans as well as homebuyer education and mortgage programs. For each of these, counselors provide in-depth, thorough appraisals of a client's situation as well as establishing immediate priorities and long term goals. The NFCC and its institutions deal directly with creditors acting as an intermediary between the client and the financial institution. Help from the NFCC is available in a number of different ways. You can contact the closest NFCC accredited institution closest to you by phone or online, or even use the resources of the national center itself. Both the latter and a number of local institutions provide Internet counseling.

Online: The NFCC Website:

For more information. Also use the online search function to find the closest local help center to you.

By Phone: National Toll Free Crisis Hotline:
Locate the Financial Wellness Center in your area or receive Online Counseling.

A Nationwide NFCC Center For Internet Counseling:

Personal Debt Solutions
10000 N. 31st Avenue, Suite C-200
Phoenix, AZ 85051
Appointment #: (888) 373-1737

Counseling provided 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.


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