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Costco Finance

US consumers now have a new option to look for financing when it comes to a home mortgage. Costco members may be surprised to learn that one of their favorite stores is also taking a step into the financial market. Instead of going with a traditional lender, members have an opportunity to let Costco bring them some of the same savings and perks that they enjoy year round. Costco has provided a convenient and informative site to obtain more information about the process and the costs. Click here to Costco Finance!

The Costco Model

Costco members pay a fee each year to retain their membership along with all of its benefits. Executive members pay a little over $100 while GoldStar members pay a little over $50. They are given access to Costco during regular business hours and have the chance to shop for items in bulk or browse through a host of electronics, clothing, books and even household items. The prices are tough to beat and the company has a very high retention rate of its membership.

When it comes to lending, Costco finance attempts to separate itself from the competition, much like the company`s retail stores. They offer special benefits to members including lower rates, lower fees and consistent customer service. In order to take advantage of these opportunities, a person must be a member and be up to date on all membership fees due. The company advertises that members tend to save a considerable amount on the life of a loan when compared to working with other lenders.

Instead of just working with one bank or one lender, the Costco finance department works with a select set of lenders. Members are assured that these lenders have been hand selected by Costco and consistently follow through with their estimates as well as customer inquiries.

How to Apply

Customers can choose to refinance their current homes, buy a new home or research their options for Veteran loans. The process starts with filling out an online form that details information about the member and the loan being requested. Aside from all of the regular contact information, a member needs to show their current loan amount for a refinance and the purchase price they are considering for a new home.

Members will also need to provide an estimate on their credit range to get a better idea of what type of rates and deals Costco finance will be able to offer. Once all of the information is complete, an estimate will come up, detailing the opportunities a Costco member will have for financing. It is important to note that the first estimate will not be made available until all information is verified and a credit check is run.

Members Support and Assistance

Costco members may be understandably concerned that they are not dealing with a representative face-to-face. However, there are several ways to get in touch with someone to ask about a loan, get more information or even voice a concern. Both a toll free phone number and an email address is offered for customers that need to get in touch with a Costco representative about their loan.

Individuals looking to refinance or set up a new mortgage are often in need of free financial advice. If you are considering Costco finance, click here to get more information about how the process works and how you can benefit from lower rates and lower fees.


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