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Welcome to our Free Credit Card Directory

No Fee charge card offers here span both personal and business categories. Issuing companies offer free credit card accounts and low intro rates (we feature several 0% introductory rate cards here) for a good selection of consumer plastic designed for people with good to excellent credit. Note: subprime cards almost never offer waived fees.

Although the applications for cards below are without fees, it's still very important to examine the interest rate structures of all cards to have a good idea what your needed payments will be in the short term (after one or two months) following your initial using of the chosen cards. Several of the products below have teaser zero interest introductory apr rates, often for six or twelve months. A few offer these for fifteen months. Combined with noteworthy rewards programs, there some excellent choices available.

Please note that the Escape by Discover(R) Card does come with a $60 annual fee. It is therefore NOT free. We have included it here as an exception because of its great rewards benefits which tend to offset the fee charge with the right consumer.

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Excellent Credit

For those with credit scores of 700 and above, prime selections are available from the major banks. Here are our featured products:

Cash Rewards

Depending on your personal lifestyle, significant amounts of money can be saved by choosing the right rewards card. When such offers come with no fee as well, they are especially attractive. Here are our featured rewards cards:

Balance Transfer

Selecting a Visa, Mastercard or DiscoverCard for its balance transfer advantages is useful but tricky. One has to be disciplined about spending and be sure to use the card specifically to lower your balances and not to aquire new debt. We have discussed this further on our Balance Transfer Credit Cards Page.

Hotel Rewards

Apply For A Free Credit Card by Issuer:

American Express

We have commented above on AmEx's waiving of fees for the first year. elow are our featured Cards from this issuer.


All Discover Cards below feature no annual fee. You can click to our full selection of DiscoverCards Here.

Elsewhere at this site are several articles and tips for those who are new to managing credit. To begin with, our introductory article Choosing the Right Credit Card breaks down key attributes and terminology one must be familiar with.

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