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Air Card: Recommended Air Credit Card Applications

We feature here our recommended Air Card offers for consumers seeking travel rewards. AirMiles cards are now widespread and most of the major banks and credit card isuers offer them. One restriction to many of these however is that they offer reward points only for specific airlines. If the airline rewards you receive are from a major carrier, this is not much of a problem, however more and more issuers are offering flexible rewards terms which are valid for all national carriers

The first card, and one of the most popular and best reviewed of the air credit card niche is the Miles Card from Discover. This is a card for consumers with below average to excellent credit. It is not a subprime card. It comes with two basic features that instantly transport it to the head of the clasc: A 0% introductory rate on balance transfers for 6 months and also a 0% intro apr on purchases over the same period. Many rewards cards do not feature these and issuers tag on fees and variable apr rates at the start, feeling that the savings consumers obtain from the card rewards will offset these in their minds. Additionally, there is no annual fee for this Discover Card.

The Miles by Discover Card offers 12,000 bonus miles. These are spread out over the course of the first year you use the card: at the rate of 1,000 bonus miles per month for as long as the card is in use. The standard variable apr is calculated at the prime rate plus an amount varying betwen 7.74% and 15.74% for consumers with excellent credit. For those with lower credit rating, the range is between 9.74% and 15.74%.

The key to the Miles by Discover Card is the flexibility of its rewards program. Miles earned are valid for all national carriers and there are no blackout dates. All in all, this is one of the most highly competitive air miles card offers available.

Below is our featured card along with two more cards, from American Express, that we are pleased to highly recommend as well, due to the rich rewards packages they offer. Click here to the Miles by Discover Card

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