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The Good Credit Information Channel

Negotiating the credit maze can be a daunting task if one is not equippd with proper fundamentals in terms of information. It is not just a matter of being careful about spending and credit. It's an entire field of knowledge encompassing how to build a proper history to sustain you as you go through normal financial circumstances and obligations in a modern society. It's not only about nurturing and building the correct profile from your early adult years, it's about protecting what you build. This often isn't a passive act. You can't just try to stay out of financial trouble. You must actively engage in practices which sustain and boost your credit profile and protect aspects of your wellbeing such as your identity.

Our Help Channel offer tips to building better credit, culled from the leading financial publications and from experts in the field. This channel is regularly updated. Bookmark this page and return often for updated news, articles and tips from the Associated Press, from Kiplinger and more. Clicking on the article links below will open a new browser window, so you will not have to leave this site to read the information provided.

In addition to these, see our Articles Pages for more helpful information. Relevant to building and maintaining your credit, we have articles on Identity Theft, Credit Card Fraud and Fixing Your Own Credit Problems.

How to Build Better Credit

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