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Welcome to our Credit Card Directory

The offers we feature are categorized in a number of ways throughout this site: Primarily by Type and by Issuer to allow you to specifically apply credit card information of a particular niche or brand of card to your unique needs.

We feature both prime and subprime cards and have a wealth of information on a number of other areas at ths site to help you inform yourself about matters of personal credit and making the right choices.

Apply For a Credit Card by Type:

  • Apply for Credit Card Rewards:
    We have a rich selection of rewards cards for various product and professional niches. These days, a number of issuers are offering versatile rewards programs that give benefits across a range of categories rather than merely focusing on one. These flexible rewards offers also target prime consumers.

  • Credit Cards for Students:
    These are geared to consumers with limited or no histories. They are not subprime cards. Indeed, a number of them feature excellent rates and rewards combinations intended to build a relationship between the issuing company and the young person learning the ropes of managing personal credit. We have commented more fully on Student Cards here.

  • Bad Credit Credit Cards:
    This is a controversial category. As a rule we only reccommend subprime consumers apply for credit card accounts of secured type. Unsecured plastic for consumers with pooor credit is a minefield of high interest rates, hidden fees and fly by night issuers who dissappear as companies making contacting them and solving problems very difficult. We have discussed this in more detail on our Credit Cards for Bad Credit Page.

  • Secured Credit Cards:
    As just noted, these we can reccommend for consumers needing to rebuild their credit. The offers here are from major banks and issuers and the rates and fee structers on offer are competitive. We have delved into the characteristics and advantages of this category of plastic in other articles here. In particular, note that these are distinct from Prepaid Cards, although both require prior deposits before use. More in our article on Secured Credit Cards vs Prepaid Cards.

Apply For a Credit Card Card by Issuer:

  • DiscoverCard: Although it is not quite as ubiquitous as Visa and masterCard, DiscoverCard scores very highly in user reviews, with its main cards accross personal and business platforms. One of the best rewards plans available.

  • Amex Rewards Cards: Another selective company offering products only to prime consumers. aste selection with a rich diversity of accounts across personal and business niches.

We have several articles onsite to help those who are new to the use of plastic apply for a credit card in an informed manner. To begin with, our introductory article Choosing the Right Credit Card breaks down key attributes and terminology one must be familiar with.

[1] More on Credit Scoring and how "good credit" is defined here at this external site.


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